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Most Popular Flowers - Ideal For All Occasions

Flower Type

Colour Range

Details Standard Price Range*
Roses Red, yellow, white, scarlet, orange, lemon, burgundy, pink,  champagne

Roses come in 3 categories: Long stem, medium & short. Prices vary by stem size & quantity, and include greenery & gyp

Single Long:  $5

Per 10 Stem:

 - Long   $35- $50

 - Medium   $25-$30

 - Short   $15-$20

Gerberas Red, yellow , orange, white, pale pink, dark pink, lemon, cream

A large big "daisy"  shaped flower which is extremely popular today as it comes in a great range of bright colours.    

$2.00 per flower
Lillies Yellow, orange, white, plume, pink Asiatic, Tiger or Oriental -  each have their own lovely charm and are  known for their long vase life      Prices start from $8.00 per bunch to $20.00
Iris Dark blue/ purple, pale blue,  yellow, white with touch of yellow Extremely popular flower for its lovely colour and interesting shape.  Average price is $1.20 per stem
Orchids Purple, pink, mauve, white, red, yellow, rust, green, creme, mustard Exotic tropical flower, the orchid is well known for its good vase life. Bunch of mixed orchids with gyp and greenery is $10.00
Chrysies Yellow, white, avocado, purple, mauve, gold, creme

Our glass housed chrysanthemums are an  excellent flower. A quality bloom will have a vase life of up to 3 weeks!

Prices start from $6.00
Carnations All colours

The sim carnation is a long stemmed elegant flower which is a traditional favourite.   

Prices start from $7.50 a bunch of 10 stems 
BOXES Flower Boxes come in all colours of the rainbow

Choice of quality flowers expertly arranged in a pretty box of similar tones or vibrant contrasting colours. 

Prices start from  $40 to $80
Mixed Bunches Many colours 

Any variety of choice flowers  expertly arranged with greenery and gyp and beautifully presented.

Prices start from $20 to $60

* Prices are indicative only.

Seasonal Flowers

Flower Type

Colour Range

Flower Type Colour Range
Tulips White, yellow, red, pink, orange, two tone red and yellow, purple and lavender



Jonquils Yellow, white Snap Dragons Red, burgundy, white, yellow, pink
Gladioli Red, yellow, pink, white, purple, lavender Disbuds Cremes, whites
Delphiniums White, purple, pale blue Asters Blue, pink, white, purple
Hyacinths Blue, pink, white, purple Nerines Pink
Heliconias Red, pink Freezias White, yellow, red, orange, purple
Statice Purple, mauves, pink, white, yellow, blue Alstromerias Red, white, yellow, orange, pink, 
Natives Pinks, browns, reds Lisianthus Pink, white, purple